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Holistic Treatments

Rediscover yourself with a wide range of holistic therapy treatments.

Choose from...

  • Therapeutic Massage - this treatment works to create overall balance using a variety of techniques to manipulate the soft tissues and decrease muscular tension, pain and stress. Achieving wellness of your mind, body and soul.
  • Advanced Massage - this adopts the same principles as Therapeutic massage and can be as relaxing. Used to focus on a specific issue presented incorporating deep tissue work.
  • Hot Stone Therapy - a warming massage using hot basalt stones to remove tension and soothe muscular aches.
  • Indian Head Massage - a deep style of massage deriving from Ayurvedic traditions. Working to release negative blockages of energy, it can be deeply relaxing and calming while also leaving you feeling energised and more focused.
  • Birth Rocks Pregnancy Massage - a treatment designed to bring rest and relaxation to women during pregnancy and the weeks following birth. A gentle and reassuring massage for mummies-to-be.
  • Reiki - a healing energy treatment used to achieve deep relaxation, inner peace and complete well-being.

I have a holistic approach to the treatments I offer, adapting each one to suit your individual needs.

Sarah-Jane @wanderlustholistictherapies

**A thorough consultation is completed on first appointment before any treatment can be carried out. For those interested in pregnancy massage, medical approval must be obtained prior to appointment.**


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