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Anne Barany

Anne Barany RSHom

Professional Homœopath

Appointments at the moment are available online by Zoom or Whatsapp. I can be contacted by phone or email.

Anne Barany;
01470 592270

I trained as a professional homœopath at the School of Homœopathy in Devon from 1990 to 1997, becoming a licensed member of the Society of Homœopaths, (the body regulating and insuring professional homœopaths). In December 2001 I became a registered member of the Society. I started my practice in Portree, and later on also worked from Health Oasis in Kyle and in Broadford.

I have lived on Waternish, Skye, since 1977. I am married and have one son.

I am a member of The Homœopathic Group, who work together with health care in the Highlands and Islands as their main focus. The members of the group are located across the region and so can share information on health trends and developments, epidemics, and other local health issues.


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