Heart and Soul Ceremonies

When a woman reaches mid-life, she is at the beginning of a new phase of her life

It is a time of great transformation.


The ‘Wise Woman Ceremony’ is a rite of passage for women after menopause, to mark this new life with a ritual.

Older women are the keepers of wisdom, they own more understanding. They can have more freedom and can take a wider view on the issues in their communities. This ceremony seeks to acknowledge and recognise her achievement in arriving at this doorway in her life.

This is the beginning of a time when the woman can create something of value with a passionate heart for her personal life, her family and her community. Creative energy that has previously been channelled into different responsibilities can now be directed in new ways.

Storytellers in different countries all over the world mention this time as ‘reconnecting with the wild woman’, the creative self.

Ocean and Sonja invite you on this journey to Power and Joy which comes from ‘being’.

First day:

We will meet and get to know each other. We will share thoughts, songs, stories, craft and journeys together. Tapping into our here and now acknowledging what to let go and tuning into our wild, creative selves. We will learn about the wheel of life and the 6 directions, and we will use these elements to create a circular ceremony.

Together we will work on our intentions and preparations for our Ceremony two weeks later. We invite you to bring a special friend, partner or relative who will be your ‘best man or best woman’ for the whole of both days. There is no fee for these supporters.

Second day:

We will start the fire together for the Sweat Lodge, then we will do some preparations in the Peace Chamber. We will have a Sweat Ceremony for purification and then prepare to begin the Rite of Passage Ceremony for the Wise Woman. We will finish with feast and celebration.

Friends and loved ones are especially invited to the ‘Wise Woman Ceremony’ on 2nd February to witness your transition and to celebrate together.


This is the first of four Rites of Passage and Ceremonies planned for this year. They will concentrate on different stages of life.


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